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Who Are We:

We are a software development firm that has gained expertise in software development over a period of time. Since the time of our commencement till date we have been at the forefront of software development and during this journey we have successfully build scalable applications and support for start-ups  


What We Do:

We provides for innovative product solutions, with real expertise to cover all the phases of the product development cycle (product to market cycle) - from innovative concept generation of a product to its production'

Development Process

Today’s dynamic market scenario demands greater flexibility & faster software delivery options for the organizations. At ifyTECH, our main idea is to make use of a highly flexible framework and an iterative approach to always have a room for the client’s requirements. We follow the standard agile software development practices for ensuring efficient response to any unpredictability. We make the best efforts to produce solutions that are responsive to the changing mission requirements of an organization which helps them to remain competitive while controlling the expenses. We believe in welcoming new changes in the software development even during the later stages of the process.

Feasibility assessment

Depending upon the ideas the customer has in mind, we make an evaluation of several factors like the customer’s value, market value, software technicality, costs, market scope and the risks involved with the project.


Process planning

After ensuring the viability of the idea, the phase of creating an active project plan commences. The objective is to break down the project idea into discrete pieces of functionalities called features. Following this, we prioritize the features and assign them to the iterations.


Code Development

We make use of a variety of approaches like Scrum or Feature-driven development for operating with a schedule to create, test, and demonstrate the features.The aim is to produce a code which is maintainable and at the same time adaptable to any changes.

Adapting to the changes

Based on the output of the iterations, we take steps to re-plan and act accordingly for faster and robust delivery of code.


The testing stage assesses the software for errors and documents bugs if there are any.

Software Deployment

Once the product is all completed and reviewed by the client, then we work towards the product delivery and training. Here, the produced code is delivered to the client’s environment, with all the necessary support required.

Current Projects :



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